This book outlines the historical progression of how development near this man-made water body, formed from the cinching of the Osage River to create a utility’s dam, has created present-day problems: water quality concerns in coves, loss of natural habitats and communities searching for waste management remedies.

The book also explains how for years people continued to build right to the shoreline, without much oversight from the utility controlling the Lake, Ameren, or anyone else. This happened despite evidence from scientific and other studies warning of failing, aging septic tanks and other waste management challenges.

The Lake of the Ozarks has long been a vacation spot and second-home destination for Midwesterners, many whom live in Missouri and northern Arkansas. The natural beauty surrounding the Lake’s banks lure thousands of visitors annually to boat, swim and hike. 

This area means something to many people, and this book highlights how the time has come for those who care about the region to help preserve it.

- Traci Angel


University of Arkansas Press, 147 pages, 50 images, May 1, 2014 release



Banner photo: An aerial view of the Lake by G. Massey, courtesy of the Missouri State Archives



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